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When back up tapes become redundant and the data has past its retention period, the go-to process is to destroy and shred the tapes (A service we provide), However this can prove to be expensive and time consuming; Having to organise a company to come onsite to destroy and allocating space for the mobile shredder. What if there was an easy and stress free way of removing the data from the tapes that didn’t involve any of the logistical headaches and actually generated the business money, Not to mention being environmentally friendly…Media Resources provides exactly this service.

Our Tape Media Buy Back program enables business to turn the time consuming and expensive process of media destruction into a profitable solution. As tape technology in the Data Centre environment rapidly changes, the need to constantly replace and upgrade media carries significant overhead.

This program is designed to help offset the costs associated with these upgrades by paying you for your redundant tapes. Not only does our program provide funds for future purchases, it also eliminates the costs associated with tape destruction and eradication.


Using a highly secure data sanitisation process to ensure that we eliminate all data from your tape, This process has been utilised by a team Data Service Technicians who have over 40 years experience in developing and writing software tools for both the restoration and destruction of data stored on tape. 

We offer a full-end to end data sanitisation process on tape media which guarantees the data that resides on the tape is full eradicated.

To underpin all this our business is certified to ISO9001 & ISO27001.