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Barcode labels allow for accurate and efficient identification of tape cartridges by tape libraries and IT staff. In most modern Data Centres, there is automation using tape libraries and backup software. In such cases, machine-readable barcode labels are needed to allow libraries to identify and handle cartridges.

EDP are the leading industry standard when it comes to tri-optic labels, offering labels specifically designed for all storage media including LTO, 3592, T10K, AIT and DLT etc

Media Resources are the largest Supplier of EDP labels in the UK and Europe. We have invested in our own tape labelling facility, enabling us to print off and apply custom labels to each tape so they arrive system ready, saving you time and money.

Furthermore, as part of our service we keep a record of your previous ranges, so when you place a sequential order, we  can cross reference the label range to ensure it follows on from the last.