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Media Resources provide an extensive range of products that ensure your data storage media is secure, organised and maximises all available space. From fire proof safes to space saving storage racks, we can support you with all your requirements.

Fire proof Safes

Fire is a major threat to businesses globally. Data media is very sensitive to heat and can be destroyed at lower temperatures than paper. As information is increasingly becoming more digitised, the risk posed by fire is growing and so is the need for reliable fireproof safes. 

We offer safes to suit all Data Centres and budgets, from locks that require a key or electronic code, internal storage made up of shelves or drawers and capacity ranging from 30 – 670 litres. All safes are rigorously tested, submitting them to 1000˚C temperatures, providing fire protection for up to 120mins.

Storage Racks

The size of data is growing exponentially year on year, which puts a lot of pressure on data centres to maximise every square inch of floor space.

We offer a range of high density media tape storage racks in a minimum foot print area aimed to keep external media organised, safe and secure. From single to double sided racks, through to slider units designed for easy and quiet movement.

We also provide a design service to plan out your Data Centre’s storage to ensure it’s being utilised to its full potential