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E-Discovery is the process of identifying, collecting and extracting electronically stored information typically in response to a request during a lawsuit investigation or audit.

Media Discovery (part of the Media Resources group) provides reliable and cost-effective services, using the most appropriate methodology, to identify and restore only the required data – resulting in lower costs and shorter timeframes than the business can often achieve itself.

Our Tape e-Discovery services utilise efficient workflows and are subject to the strict management of tape handling and processing functions that ensures all data is identified, restored and delivered to the client via a forensically sound and legally defensible process, with full chain of custody documentation.

Our unique software and capabilities enable us to handle any physical format and any logically back up formats such as; LTO, DLT, optical disc, open Reel, 3480, 4mm, 3592, Symantec, Commvault, Tivoli TSM and Attempo time navigator.

Tape e-Discovery

Reactive service, restoring targeted information for legal disclosure or compliance.

Tape Discovery and Remediation

Proactive service, culling down and deduplication of legacy data. Cataloguing and indexing of data. Reduces offsite storage cost.

Tape Restoration on Demand

Proactive, subscription service, retire of all legacy tape estate and costs, but still allow access to that data as and when required. Ingestion of tape catalogue.

Audio Restoration & Processing

Reactive service, Restoring of audio files for legal disclosure or compliance.

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