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When storage media passes retention periods and hardware is being refreshed, companies need to find a way to retire these assets in a way that is environmentally friendly, but at the same time highly secure so they don’t fall into the wrong hands.

Media Resources provides a range of highly secure destruction services that can shred all types of media from LTO, 3592, T10K, HDD, DLT, VHS to floppy disks. Ensuring that no data escapes an organisation.

We offer services that will suit all budgets and levels of security. From onsite destruction; that can shred to less than 6mm particle using CPNI approved self powered mobile shredders, to the secure offsite destruction, where we collect via SC operators, using GPS tracked vehicles and shredded at our dedicated facility.

Due to the high capacity on the vehicles, we can also provide an ITAD service that includes;

Collect and retire hardware

Remove any asset tags

Reset switches and wipe any data

This guarantees no traces of their previous owner, but its an environmental and cost-effective way to recycle these assets.

We are committed to avoiding landfill as much as possible, our service is registered with the Environment Agency enabling WEEE compliant disposal, therefore all material is separated, recycled, and non-data bearing assets can be remarketed or donated for reuse.

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