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Data Recovery is a service that everyone hopes they will never need. But when it is needed it is usually because the data is critical and therefore the business is under stress and at risk.

Whether due to the fact that the only copy of some critical data files is on a tape (or hard drive) that cannot be read, or that the time to recreate lost data accurately is too great and costly, then getting the right data recovery service can be critical.

Media Resources provide data recovery services for all types of data storage media and all types of problems including:

Recovery from re-initialised tapes

Damaged Media

Partially Overwritten Back-ups

Data Recovery for Windows, MAC, UNIX or any other operating system

Corrupted Back-ups

Incomplete Back-up Tapes Sets

Any type of tape and any backup format – current or obsolete

LTO, DLT, DAT, AIT, 3590, T10000 and any other tape backup media using in-house recovery systems and techniques for all backup tape media

Disk Recovery for single hard disk drives and RAID systems