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In a Data Centre, it’s essential it is kept free from contaminant particles. These tiny particles become airborne and can enter the cooling system, potentially causing catastrophic failures to your IT equipment.

Not only is it expensive to put right, but it can also lead to a prolonged downtime as it may take some time to pinpoint the issue, therefore the business is at risk from cyber attacks and may be unable to continue day to day processes which could lead to loss of income.

Prevention is better than Cure, Right?!...

Studies have shown that 75% of hardware failures are caused by these contaminants, however with a regular and routine data centre deep clean put in place all this can be avoided.

Media Resources may be the answer to all your contaminant woes…

We offer a bespoke service that is dedicated to the routine deep cleaning of your data centre. Using high quality cleaning equipment and specially trained operators we will ensure that you have minimal downtime, no expensive repair costs and your organisation is free from risk when it comes to cleanliness in your data centre.