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Onsite Hardware Maintenance

Has your hardware maintenance renewal cost increased? Do you have an IT product that the manufacturer will no longer support? Then we can help.

Media Resources provide specialist 3rd party independent support and maintenance services for multi-vendor back-room technology and have been providing these services for more than 30 years nationwide in the UK and USA. Media Resources provide full parts and labour contracts and can offer 24×7 4 hour fix Service Level Agreements

As an independent specialist in the provision of field maintenance and support, Media Resources provide the benefit of reducing our clients spend on maintenance renewals by up to 40% over the manufacturers extended service offering.

Not only do we provide reduced cost for an equivalent service as the manufacturer, we also provide great flexibility over the OEM. Media Resources can provide short term contracts for those who intend on replacing equipment but aren’t ready to roll out the new product.

We can co-term multiple contract renewals into one manageable renewal date and support legacy and extend the life of your equipment for 3-5 more years beyond end of life date