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If the target data resides on a large archive of backup tapes or within complex multiplexed backups this can place a financial, technical and time burden on the organisation required to produce the data – and this burden is often more time-consuming and costly than anticipated.

As a key component of our end-to end process for the supply and support of your Tape assets Media Resources Tape Restoration Service provides the non-native restoration of required files from tape media, regardless of format.

Non-native Tape Restoration for e-discovery purposes greatly decreases the costs of discovery and speeds up the overall process, due to the fact that there is no need to re-create the exact original environment that created the data.

We offer a service that encompasses the secure transport and storage of your tape assets, full chain of custody procedures and the fast and cost-effective restoration and return of the relevant data (including the preservation of all metadata) – all without the need for the original backup software or infrastructure.


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