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Tape backup is the practice of periodically copying data from a primary storage device to a tape cartridge so the data can be recovered if there is a hard disk crash or failure. Tape backups can be done manually or be programmed to happen automatically with appropriate software.

Tape backup systems exist for needs ranging from backing up the hard disk on a personal computer to backing up large amounts of data storage for archiving and disaster recovery (DR) purposes in a large enterprise. Tape backups can also restore data to storage devices when needed.

Tape can be one of the best options for fixing an unstructured data backup problem because of its inexpensive operational and ownership cost, capacity and speed. Magnetic tape is especially attractive in an era of massive data growth. Customers can copy and store archival and backup data on tape for use with cloud seeding

Media Resources are the largest supplier of tape technology in Europe, shipping over 1million tapes per year worldwide. We have a dedicated team with over 70 years’ experience between us, an in-house labelling system and a fully stocked warehouse, meaning we can ship system ready tapes on a global scale, quickly.

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