Vertices Tape Management Solution

If you are looking for a way to eliminate the inefficiencies around your backup tape management process, look no further than Vertices, the leading tape management solution.

Vertices will automate your entire backup tape management process so you can locate tapes quickly, manage retention cycles and deliver defensible audit reports. With a complete history of activity, you can manage your tapes from cradle to grave in a secure and reliable centralized solution.

Vertices has a number of modules that can help you minimize risk, maximize your time in the data center, and lower excess storage and administration costs. You can automatically integrate with your backup applications to import tape information and create movement lists; or you can use batch scanning to move large amounts of tapes or do an inventory of all your tapes in slots. With its robust functionality, it can adapt to almost any tape management process you already have implemented, or let us help you set up new methods for managing your media.

Let us and Vertices help you keep your data safe and secure.


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