Secure Itad

Media Resources help organisations to reduce the risk, costs & complexity associated with Retiring & Recycling IT equipment and Data bearing media. A planned retirement of IT assets, returns money from IT reuse, and recycles computers in a secure, ethical, environmentally & socially responsible manner. We help organisation maximise financial returns through specialist routes to market in both B2B and B2C.

Assessment and Planning

On Site Data Sanitisation Services (Erasure, Degauss, Shredding in one solution)

Auditing of equipment

Data Erasure, Degauss & Shredding of failed hard drives magnetic &removable media

Asset Redeployment

Computer Donations & Social Inclusion

Comercial in Confidence

Secure Collection & Pre Palletisation Services

PAT, Component Test, Grading, Asset Label Removal, Cleaning, Repair & Refurbishment Re-kitting

Remarketing Services / Client Revenue Generation & Return

Parts Recovery for reuse & Tear down & WEEE Recycling

MI, Audit, Reporting, Waste & Hazardous Waste Transfer notes and Environmental and Data Destruction Certification


Secure Data Destruction Methods

You decide what meets your own requirements in terms of information security. Media Resources can destroy the data (via secure data sanitisation processes) or the physical asset itself that stores the data, using either:

• The industry leading Hard Drive data wiping software

• Data Media shredding technology

• High energy Degaussers that achieve Government and NATO approval


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