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Introducing – a Professional Data Tape Courier case that outperforms the rest!

Media Resources offers a range of storage and transportation solutions that provide the required physical and thermal protection for your data storage media. Call one of our tape specialists today to learn how we can provide the right solution in line with best practises for Tape Care and Handling

The Data Tape Professional Courier case is a high quality media container made of industrial strength, lightweight, high density polyethylene and features heavy duty lockable compression clamps and soft interior contact points that create a durable seal. It is the only case that is approved and certified by Fujifilm to protect LTO and Enterprise Tape media


Whilst today’s tape technology is robust in design and performance it is still imperative that it is stored and transported in the appropriate manner – after all it does contain your valuable data and the value of that data far outweighs the cost of a tape!

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