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Founded in 1982, Media Resources has been providing Data Storage Solutions to leading UK and global organisations and specialises in the provision of Enterprise Tape and Optical media solutions

Our status as an Authorised Partner with leading Tape Storage providers including (but not limited to) Oracle, IBM, HP, Fuji , Maxell, TDK and Panasonic enables us to provide our customers with competitively priced, high quality tape backup solutions, such as LTO, IBM 3592 and Oracle T10000K.... But that’s only the beginning.

E Discovery

If the target data resides on a large archive of backup tapes or within complex multiplexed backups this can place a financial, technical and time burden on the organisation required to produce the data – and this burden is often more time-consuming and costly than anticipated.

LTO Tape Evaluation

Whether you need help with a specific tape event, or understand the need to take a proactive approach to tape performance management, Media Resources has the solution in the form of our LTO monitoring and diagnostics service.
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